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No amount of money can replace a loved one and if your partner dies due to a non-fault accident the law is harsh. Did you know that the amount of statutory damages that can be claimed following a death in England and Wales Northern Ireland is roughly…

Local hospitals have been struggling with growing waiting lists since the government spending cuts, with waiting times across the UK logging at record levels (the average wait for most common procedures is 3 months), and 3.4 million people on the lis…

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Adam Horner, clinical negligence specialist at McHale and Co discusses the Medical Innovation Bill which seems to be gathering pace.

Each year I see a rise in medical negligence cases. There are two angles you can look at this. Firstly, more people are claiming as they realise that they are able to claim after being let down by the NHS or secondly that there are more failures by N…

As a result of recent changes introduced by Lord Jackson in April 2013, it is highly likely that more mistakes will occur in personal injury claims than previously which will result in clients having to sue their own solicitors!

Testicular torsion is a very painful condition which has a sudden onset. The blood supply to the testicles is cut off, as a result of the testicle twisting, often caused by strenuous exercise.

Between October and December 2014, the number of patients admitted to A&E foundation trust hospitals rose to 2.7 million, eight percent higher than the same period the previous year.

McHale and Co Personal Injury Department have adapted to their clients’ needs by implementing a system of work which allows the client to see where their case is up to at any time of the day.

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